Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In My Head

"You know the way I work, I'm like a

commercial jingle. First it's a little irritating, then you hear

it a few times, you hum it in the shower, by the third date it's

"By Mennen!". -

George Costanza

George Costanza is both a gentleman and a scholar. Singing your own name in the hope that it will get stuck into a woman's head to secure a second date is a strategy most R&B artists are doing in the opening of their tracks.

Most recently, you cannot listen to a Jason Derulo song without getting "Ja-son Derul-ohhh" stuck in your head.

Debuting with "Whatcha Say", sampling Imogen Heap's "Hide & Seek", followed by second single "In My Head", Derulo is making a catchy name for himself in 2010.

However, Derulo is not alone. T-Pain, T.I and Ludacris are all guilty for reciting their name in the opening moments of their song. I gue

ss that's why Jason Derulo named his second single "In My Head" because his name is always "in my head".

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